Diamond Fusion

Windshield Protection

Diamon-Fusion® is a globally recognized leader in 35 countries that provides Protective Wind-shield Coatings for Automobiles, Trucks and RV’s that:

  • Makes glass resistant to small road debris, preventing chips and cracks (10x more impact resistance).
  • Improves clarity and visibility extending driver reaction time.
  • Reduces nighttime glare by up to 35%.
  • Repels water, ice and snow.
  • Makes removing insects and other windshield debris easier.

Multiple Levels of Coverage available* –

Should your front windshield, that has been treated with the Diamon-Fusion® Windshield Protection Product, become damaged by propelled rocks or other propelled road debris while driving, causing cracks and chips, we will pay for the repair of the damage portion of your windshield. If the damage cannot be repaired, we will allow for the windshield to be replaced.

*Coverage protection may not be available in all states.

This information is intended to provide a general outline of coverage benefits. Please refer to the Contract for more detailed information.